About Chris Woolf

I’m Christopher Woolf, and I’ve enjoyed being behind a microphone for more than 30 years, as a voiceover artist and radio news journalist.

Today, I’m here to provide the voice that will bring to life your audiobook, documentary, podcast, training video, TV or radio commercial, or whatever else you or your company might need.

My career at the BBC World Service has taken me to remote and dangerous parts of the globe. If I’ve learned one thing from the news business, it’s to know how to meet a deadline, without compromising quality. At The Voice Depot, we guarantee we can meet any deadline.

At the age of 10, my friends and I played around with tape recorders, making shows and all manner of entertainment for own amusement and to share with others. That fascination with sound as a medium for communication has only grown with time.

I’m proud to say I was the first member of my family, and the first person from my secondary school to go to college. I read history at Queens’ College, Cambridge University.

I paid my way through college working an assortment of jobs, including as an infantryman in the British Army Reserve. I eventually served in Germany and Holland, as well as the UK. Again, the microphone came into play, as a platoon radio operator.

So it was that the BBC seemed like a natural fit, and a lifetime with a mic.

In my downtime, I am still obsessed with history; reading and writing, sharing my knowledge with, and learning from, local and national historical societies.


We are The Voice Depot. Let us be your voice.